Social Toxic

Something of the night definitely happens to people on Facebook. Facebook is the public toilet of social media. The culture is so unclean and unsafe. It really shows the underbelly of people. I also cannot believe how accurate FB is in terms of how easy it is to identify the true nature and personality of an individual simply by what they put on or do not put on their pages. Creepy!

The Tony Burgess Blog

What do you think about the overall climate on social media these days? It seems with the subjects of the day where there is a lot of controversy about some hot button issues the atmosphere seems toxic. Here on and even on Tumblr there seems to be a more open minded environment at least by the people who I follow and who follow me. Facebook seems to be a minefield where controversy is just a click away. Living in the south the issues of the confederate flag and gay/lesbian marriage have made it a sad place to be at times. People are here seem to be less charged by emotion and more through thought, reflection and sensitivity to others.

Our personal blogs are a place for us to share how we feel, within reason. We do have to pick our battles and sometimes those battles are worth fighting. Social…

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