Anxiety doesn’t mean you are weak 

The Devil is a liar, this is why we must eat right and drink right – in order to see more clearly. The problem is we see ourselves through the eyes of the devil, a condition made worse by the toxins we fill our bodies with. If we could see ourselves through the eyes that God sees us with – we would see our true value. The package of who we are is understood when we know our true worth. When we are checking out the price of designer labels on casual tshirts, we can see that the shirts are no better quality than what we can buy elsewhere. The expensive price is because of the designer and not the shirt. Children of God, know your worth – and live as you should from this very minute. If you continue to struggle, forgetting who you are – you need a cleanse. Flush out those toxins so that you can allign with the holy spirit inside you.

The Persistent Platypus

I struggled for years with the idea that my anxiety disorder made me a weak person. A bad Christian. A shameful woman. I felt I had done something wrong and needed to be forgiven day after day for it to be alright. However, no amount of prayer, conversation or willingness would make it disappear. I began to feel like a failure. As if God didn’t and couldn’t love me, and I didn’t love Him, which I desperately did.

Many times throughout scripture, it says to cast your cares. Do not worry. Be anxious for nothing. Since I was unable to cast my cares it made me a bad Christian. Right? Wrong! My disorder has NOTHING to do with my faith or my worthiness as a woman.

I spent many years feeling guilty and ashamed, but I now see that it was in vain. The chemicals in my brain do not…

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