Just Thinking!


I was just thinking…….

Religion doesn’t have to be stuffy. We can still be cool. I just want to love you while we’re on Earth. I have absolutely no desire to see you in the after-life anyway – so just chill! My Father knows I’m selfish but I’m working on it. We can still be friends! Our religion or lack of it – doesn’t have to come between us.

Don’t worry if I’m trying to influence you – as I’m trying to be good. I know who I am and I’m just being myself. You just be you and I’ll just be me. You can be mad at me today and I’ll be mad at you tomorrow, but before the sun rises we can both forgive each other again. You can have Tourettes and I’ll have BiPolar or maybe if we’re lucky one of us will be healthy – but either way, it won’t affect our friendship or who we eventually become. Religion doesn’t have to hurt but especially not between friends.


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