God as a Comic

Today after trawling the internet looking for some great reading material to support my Bible studies, I noticed Christianity forums packed with innocent questions, and even genuinely ignorant inquiries about God. You can always tell the ones that don’t read the Bible, and haven’t bothered to check facts first before they start talking about what they don’t know. Questions like if God really loves us why doesn’t he sort out these evil terrorists ISIS? Some of the questions can appear really rather rude and offensive but bless them, they, for whatever reason genuinely don’t have any support in answering their questions about God, and judging by their concerns, they are motivated to learn; hence the questions. If only people like myself could just stop for a minute and take the time to ignore the direct insults and abuse  -and just see the authentic desire to know God, even just a little bit. Well, it came to me about how wonderful it would be if I were to create or find comic books that covered the Bible. I started to research and lo and behold, I found the greatest thing. The wonderfully and talented artist who works for both DC Comics and Marvel, Sergio Cariello, has illustrated a Bible series called The Action Bible. I can’t tell you how excited I feel and can’t wait to get hold of a copy; and if they are as good as they look, I’ll be buying copies for my children and anyone else who could do with getting to know God without barriers. This is perfect and I’m so happy today – Happy Sunday!


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