The Literary Diet for the Christ Follower

The Old Testament is still part of our Christian heritage but it is not a relic that should be left to gather dust and it is not to be followed like a guidebook. It is like a history book to read and learn and to draw reference from. The New Testament is the book for every Christ Follower to eat, chew, swallow and build one’s life upon.

If any Christian has based their values upon the Old Testament then how can they be true Christ Followers? It would be better they study and understand Judaism; because it is not possible to be a Christian and live with values that do not support Christ’s teachings. All Christians need to re-evaluate their core Values.

It is the belief of individuals that conjure extremist values and views. Any Christian that is following to the letter, the Old Testament Bible – such Christians are living in conflict with their beliefs and as a result are more likely to be religious extremists. Because you cannot be talking about following one faith and practicing with the values, views and principles that belong to or even appear to belong to another. So, if you believe you are a Christian who is living and working the Old Testament Bibles and picking and choosing what they like from the Old Testament and the New Testament, it is time for you to re-evaluate your Values today. How? By reading your New Testament Bible from cover to cover until you understand it. Then when you want to know your history and truly want to see how much God loves us, the things a parent will do for His child, the discipline – the punishments, the emotional responses, and the price of sin in the world – the Old Testament is there for us to read.


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