Chew Time!

There are plenty of people in the world misreading the Bible and pointing their finger at others when all their fingers are pointing back at themselves. Go on try it. Point your finger at me, and see that all your other fingers (apart from your thumb) are clearly pointing back at you. 🙂

People don’t appear to understand that we are living in New Testament times. The Old Testament is what is confusing those who cannot be bothered to meditate on the word. The Old Testament is full of stories of people who lived, did good, and also bad – yet God still loved them. There are horror stories in the old testament that should make us have empathy and understand why God hates sin. Yet some of us still don’t get it. This is why Human Beings need to stop listening to other Human Beings and trying to insult other Human Beings, but just meditate on the word. When you get your unique brand of wisdom (that only comes from God) you can extend your hand to help others, until then the bible puts it nicely in Matthew 7:5 where he tells us: ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ (but shocker) – because the log is in your own eye. Then it says: You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

We are living in current times. The old testament is the book of the Jews but it is relevant to Christians because it lays our foundation. It is the Christian history book = HIS STORY. His being God. It tells us the parts God wanted us to know. What God did from his creation and how we drove him to great lengths to get through to us.

When you read the Old Testament you should understand that God really loves us. What a parent will do for a child. And how we as children are either compliant or absolutely rebellious and need discipline. There is much and many secrets in every family but in the Old Testament God gave us great insight into his thoughts and his processes and how he handled his business and the concept of family. He showed us what happens with the free will He gave us. His Anger, His Jealousy. His Love. What we did with it. How we handle democracy. How we are responsible for the trouble we cause. And how we never learn.

God shook his finger at Israel and told them what would happen if they did not do as they were told. If you look at Malachi 4:2 God told his people what would happen if they did not learn, and well – the middle east is explained in that last paragraph when God said: Lest I come and strike the land with a curse. Nothing changed in the way His people behaved and so, it stands to reason knowing the current problems experienced in the middle east, God struck the land with a curse. * sighs …….God keeps his promises.

But people – the New Testament is like God’s updated terms of service, we really should be reading it because that’s the book of Love and what’s next for us!


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