Home and Lifestyle Choices


Did you know that your home and lifestyle choices might be killing you? You couldn’t possibly know how many people are living in homes where windows are absolutely never opened. I mean never. Some people spend all winter with the windows closed keeping out the fresh air for fear of the cold, and then when the summer comes, they keep the area sealed because it won’t be long before its summer again.  When I say that no fresh air gets in – I truly mean that. I visited one lady who said:

” I keep the windows closed all of the time because I can’t stand the chill it gives me. I start getting aches and pains and I can’t breathe properly. I also find it is better to keep the window closed because of all the spiders. I hate it when they get in. Gives me the creeps. I just can’t stand creepy-crawlies.”

Some rooms don’t have any ventilation in them at all – yet people are quite happy to live in them.  The bodies of such people are dying a slow death. Their skin is becoming sick, unhealthy and tired. Their lungs are temporarily suffocating and becoming free, only to start temporarily suffocating again. It’s like waterboarding their own bodies. Self-harming. And then their tired bodies become immune to the good clean fresh air. It starts to give them breathing problems or sharp chest pain; so they can’t wait to get back in doors and into their unhealthy little sealed up pit. This is what it is like for socially excluded people who know no other way to live and have no one around them to give them any good advice. This is the life for uneducated people living in our poorest communities. It’s sad!

Likewise, for those obsessed with opening windows at inappropriate times and/or for those obsessed with fans to assist with cool air conditioning. Far too many excluded people sit in front of a fan with the windows closed, under the mistaken belief they are taking in fresh air simply because the fan is turning. When your windows are closed, all that fan is doing is recycling carbon dioxide without any outlet for ventilation. Carbon dioxide is produced by the body as a result of cellular metabolism – but it can still poison you. This is why it is important to pay special attention to your lifestyle choices, especially if you don’t have any basic knowledge of science. Everything we do as human beings should be assessed. The world simply cannot operate without structure – otherwise there is a price to pay. Poor people in poor communities are currently paying that price – with their lives.

Our homes take in all kinds of toxins and these toxins are trapped everywhere in the home. Toxins get trapped in the walls, in our clothes, even in our bodies. We become so immune to these problems that we are able to live inside the problem, while the toxins are taking their time to damage our internal organs – over a short space of time.  This is what is contributing to 21st century diseases, including phantom-like illnesses like Fibromyalgia. And this is what is affecting our longterm sick; they are not pretending to be ill – they really are suffering. However, without the skills they need to survive, they are doomed.

pain manFibromyalgia causes a cluster of pain throughout random places in the body and ranges from dull aches to sharp pains. For those suffering with any type of phantom-like illness, the pain is debilitating. A good education programme can help socially excluded people consider their lifestyle choices and improve their living conditions today. This would reduce the strain on our national health service. I am posting this article to raise awareness of what within our homes may be killing us slowly. Regardless of whether it is killing us fast or slow, it is still killing us as well as reducing our quality of life. It is painful that some people will never actually see this article and as a result will continue to suffer until their organs pack up; and they eventually die. This is not hyperbole, when you consider the rest of their unhealthy lifestyle and what they are taking into their body – these people seriously don’t stand a chance.

Everyone I have visited with phantom-like illnesses live in the strangest of conditions. When they go to see their doctors and get diagnosed with such diseases, the doctors don’t know how these people live; there is an assumption that such people know the basics of science, but the truth is – they know anything about the basics of anything useful; and as a result it is no wonder why they are feeling ill. Sadly after feeling ill for so long such people become longterm sick, stuck in a rut and medical science cannot help them because the physicians don’t understand the basic lifestyle changes that need to be deployed to reverse symptoms. The physicians don’t know because the patient doesn’t know what they did or are doing wrong; and therefore they keep doing it at the expense of their health.

Shockingly, when someone is diagnosed with serious diseases, according to studies, the majority of action results in activities that reflect that infamous bucket list. Instead of positive lifestyle changes, the ‘You Only Live Once’ strategy kicks into play.  This is dangerous and can do more harm than good. However, unfortunately this is the sick society we live in – no one can tell anyone what to do. If they listened to me I’d tell them that hope is not lost; by improving their lifestyle choices – there is a chance they can be well again; a chance they will never have if they listen to YOLO.


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